IndiOre’s Mangal Project is located in the Andhra Pradesh Province in South Eastern India and is approximately 5km from the Kuja site.

Being in close proximity to the Kuja site, Mangal similarly has road access to two rail sidings, both approximately 25km from the mine gate. Each siding has established infrastructure to handle the loading of iron ore onto trains. There is also road access directly to Krishnapatnam Port, via an established highway.

A trial mining program was also able to provide IndiOre with accurate cost estimates for all aspects of mining, crushing, screening and transport to port. This has allowed IndiOre to accurately model the expected cash costs for the project.

IndiOre India engaged a specialist in geophysical assessments and interpretations, with many years of experience across the iron ore districts of India. The scope this work covered: Ground Magnetic Surveys - baseline measurements and site observations utilising a station interval of 10 metres and a line spacing of 25 metres across both Mangal and Kuja Electrical Resistivity Imaging - a program of resistivity tomography across selected sections to develop 2D sections down to 15 metres depth

The following chart shows the assay results and subsequent grade distributions from 213 bulk samples taken during the initial trial mining phase. This material was mined, crushed and screened under the direction of geologists. The thin hematite bands and ferruginous chert has an average grade of 38.3% Fe, with a grade range from 20-60%.

   Mining Data Grade Distribution

Further to this work, IndiOre conducted a detailed trial mining phase, to again understand the bulk grade results and more specifically the impacts of screening and crushing on the quality of the final products.

Mangal Trial Mining

The following chart shows the results of this program.

  Screening and Crushing Impacts on Grade

This information has assisted in guiding the beneficiation testwork program.

The Mangal Project currently has an approved mining plan allowing a mining rate of up to 500,000 tonnes per annum of iron ore. The existence of a mining plan approval for any mining rate from the Mangal Project should not be taken as a forecast of production by IndiOre.