IndiOre’s Kuja Project is located in the Andhra Pradesh Province in Southern India, in close proximity to road and rail infrastructure and a number of other operating iron ore mines.

The Kuja Project has access to both established road and rail infrastructure. The road to the project links directly into the highway to Krishnapatnam Port, which is the closest point of departure for bulk exports from Andhra Pradesh, around 330km away by road.

The road also connects to two rail sidings that have infrastructure for loading iron ore to trains, which are approximately 18km and 30km respectively by road from the mine gate. It is approximately 460km from the rail siding to Krishnapatnam Port by rail.

The Kuja Project currently has an approved mining plan allowing a mining rate of up to 331,000 tonnes per annum of iron ore. The existence of a mining plan approval for any mining rate from the Kuja Project should not be taken as a forecast of production by IndiOre.