Company Overview


A dual Australian and Frankfurt-listed company focused on bulk commodity development opportunities via iron ore production in India.

IndiOre is the only foreign company to own and operate iron ore mines and beneficiation plants in India. India continues to experience strong economic growth, with its GDP currently expanding in excess of 7% per annum, making it the fastest growing major economy in the world. Consistent with this economic growth, India is now the 3rd largest producer of steel in the world, growing at 7.1% per annum over the previous 10 years to be 95.6 million tonnes of production in 2016. As the world’s 3rd largest steel producer, India consumes approximately 160 million tonnes of iron ore.

India’s economic growth and stability favours IdiOre’s long-term strategy and vision to participate fully in the iron ore and steel industries. plant. With significant investment to be made in upgrading India's infrastructure in the next 10 years (estimated to be US$1.7 trillion), India's Government is taking various steps to encourage investment. IndiOre is positioned to be part of that growth with a strategy to service strong domestic consumption, higher workforce numbers and emerging middle classes. India's wealthiest consumers (those earning US$1m or more in PPP terms) will increase by 40 million in the next 10 years!